Auto-Prime Trash Pumps


From creek crossings to sewer bypass to de-icing runways, Gorman Rupp pumps can get the job done. Wilder carries a full line of Vac Assist, Auto-Start, Auto-Prime pumps from 4" to 12" for sale or rent. Made in America quality design and accessible parts consistently make Gorman Rupp the pump company our customers come back to again and again.



Pump Assemblies have long been one of Wilder Motor's signature strengths. From specialized applications to standard 2020 designs, we have the shop expertise to assemble pumps and motors to spec for your long-term application.



Pioneer Equipment is manufactured for ease picture9
of operation and maintenance. All units have automatic dry priming for continuous operation. Pioneer's large oil capacity on the vacuum system provides better lubrication & heat displacement. Available in sizes 3" to 12".





Gulf Atlantic pumps and power units have the steel construction dependability you are looking for. Contractors prefer the Gulf Atlantic pump for its durability, its light weight, and ease of handling. All Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge products are constructed with durability, service and maintenance as the foremost requirement for product design.

Vertical Turbines                                 


Here at Wilder motor, we design and implement Pumping Systems for Quarries and other applications around a 5-State area.


4-300 HP Vertical Turbines

10,000 GPM @ 375’ TDH

2000 GPM @ 301’ TDH with

12” HDPE Pipe on Discharge

picture13 picture14


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